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Excel is one of the key software programs that everyone uses now a days. It's usually the starting point for anyone starting up a company to managing time, or even creating a sales sheet. Microsoft has invested even more into it over the years. Allowing for users to create anything from project org charts connected to google maps to using it as a mini database with Power Apps.

With our 15 plus years of use we are still finding better ways to create and organize our information. Because of this we have decided to create this site to share our knowledge and help others with their excel sheets.

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blog post
Tables in ExcelTables in Excel
Jul 24, 2019

When you first start using excel you sort of get this idea that each sheet is it's own table. This isn't really the case. Here I will go over what an excel table is, how to create them and benefits of using a table.

All hands on keyboardAll hands on keyboard
Feb 21, 2019

Some quick tricks with keeping your hands on the keyboard. Save some time and don't let the ribbon bar fool you it's not as helpful as you may think.